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Dive Into the New Age of Grids Health Analytics

Our Services

Power Outage Prediction Model

Through use of capture data from our On-wire robot and combining with Third Party data, Enerza is capable of predicting power outage down to the pole .

Actionable Insight

Enerza insight prioritizes hot spots on the grid in need of immediate attention, that being Vegetation management to Asset hardening etc.

220x in operational Cost Saving

By incorporating BOA , Our fully autonomous on-wire robot, we enable utilities to not only cover the whole grid but also help them reduce costs by at least 1220x and increase efficiency by at least 200%

User Friendly Dashboard

Compared to other methods currently used for asset or vegetation management, you don’t have to wait for data to be processed and delivered to you, have access to grids data in real time through Enerza Insight Dashboard.

We Integrate With
Your Ecosystem

To ensure smooth process of integration of our devices, we will work with you to accommodate to your needs and ecosystem.